BUCKET LIST | Before I go

I know this might sound a bit weird – but I think about the end of my life more than I should. I’m not scared of it or something, I just think about how I would feel about my life at that point – what would I be happy about, what would I like to change, who would I miss the most and stuff like that. I don’t want to regret anything, that’s for sure.

I’ve been creating a bucket list for quite some time now. Good thing is – I add stuff less often than I mark them done, so I guess I’m doing a good job 🙂

Illustrated by Erik Lončar

My list consists of things I bet are on most of the bucket lists anywhere. But, with few extra twists and ideas 🙂 Here is the list. I marked stuff I already did.

  1. Skydiving – I did it for my 21th birthday (thank you, brother! ❤)
  2. Finish college – I actually did this twice. And soon, I’ll do it again.
  3. Get a tattoo – it’s a smiley face. 🙂 (already thinking of the next one ;))
  4. Get a henna tattoo – on my amazing trip to Latvia’s Give & Get festival
  5. Visit all 7 continents (So far, I’ve visited Europe, Africa, Middle America and Asia – I crossed the bridge in Istanbul :D)
  6. Live abroad (If everything turns out the way I plan, I’ll be moving to Berlin in 2 years, woohoo!)
  7. Visit cherry festival in Japan
  8. Host a tea party (with cookies and stuff)
  9. Participate in a millennium photography (amazing project, check it out HERE)
  10. Learn one more language (I already speak English, understand Italian, Spanish, French & somewhat German)
  11. Write a book (currently working on this one with my lovely boyfriend)
  12. Visit all European countries (so far, I’ve visited 23)
  13. Publish an article in a scientific magazine (it’s about sociology and selfrepresentation)
  14. Bike tour on island Brač (I also filmed it, so the movie is coming out soon as well)
  15. Own an original work of art (I’d prefer a painting by Klimt, but I’ll settle for something less expensive, haha)
  16. Get my driver’s licence + a car (my family really fears the day this happens)
  17. Start my own business (and it must be a social entrepreneurship!)
  18. Ride the Trans-Siberian railway
  19. Get to my desired weight (60 kg)
  20. Visit Dracula’s castle (Wow. Just wow.)
  21. Live in Pučišća. (lived there for a year)
  22. Read 1000 books. (I stopped keeping track at 231, should start again)
  23. Prepare lunch made out of vegetables I grew.
  24. Learn sign language
  25. Drink vodka on Red square
  26. Drink Guinness in Dublin (obviously, I like to drink and travel)
  27. Make a radical hair change (from very very very long straight hair to short curly hair)
  28. Own an original Adidas sweat suit (I always wanted the one that everybody wore in the 70’s)
  29. See Cirque de Soleil live
  30. Travel in a trailer/camper (Or live, I don’t mind)
  31. Buy no clothes for a year (I’m working my way up to this with the Project 333)
  32. Do an action research (working on this one as we speak)
  33. Say “yes” to everything for one week (but tell no one I’m doing it :D)
  34. Host a stranger (they’re not strangers anymore! :))
  35. Go swimming on Christmas somewhere where it’s warm at that time of the year
  36. Wear high heels in New York (Sex & the City ruled my entire teenage life)
  37. Watch all of the movies by Audrey Hepburn
  38. Make a list of all the books I own (this will be a veeeery long list)
  39. Use only natural cosmetics (almost there!)
  40. Meet my favorite theorist (Zygmunt Bauman <3)
  41. Own a designer piece of clothing
  42. Own my own apartment

I believe that creating lists like this makes people more active in pursuing their goals. I take a look at mine every once in a while and ask myself “What are you doing to make all of this come true”. If the answer is “nothing”, I make sure that I make a move within the next five days. Just a little move, but in a right direction. Cause I don’t want to regret not living my life to the fullest. 🙂

Do we have any items in common? What would you add, what would you drop? Let me know in the comments! 😉

In the meantime, I’ll go work on scratching some more of these lines 🙂

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