I am a big sucker for lists and plans. My business planner is all scratched out and weeks ahead all have at least three things written in them. I like to know what I have to do; when I have to do it, and possibly add as many steps as I can. Just so I have more items to scratch off! This little self-delusion works pretty well for me and motivates me to do more.

So, its no wonder I now have a B2 sized plan of my entire year! It arrived a bit late from aliexpress, so I missed two whole months, which worked out fine, cause I had planned for a total of 10 challenges to go through, until the end of the year.


Without further ado, here are the ten 30 days challenges I will try to accomplish in 2020. Each will get its own blog post, with details on how I plan to do them and what my rewards will be, so stay tuned to read more!


#1 AVOIDING BAKERIES AND PASTRY SHOPS | MARCH | No bread, croissants or any kind of baked goodies!

#2 EVERYDAY WORKOUTS | APRIL | Yes, every single day. This does not include stretches, but full-on workouts.

#3 6AM CLUB | MAY | This will be a 30 days long punishment, I think

#4 READING AN ARTICLE A DAY | JUNE | Scientific, not fashion articles.

#5 10 000 STEPS A DAY | JULY | Maybe the hottest month isn’t a good choice for this challenge, but what the hell, let’s make it interesting!

#6 NO SCREEN IN BED | AUGUST | Hoping this habit will stick, cause I’m kinda addicted.

#7 FOREIGN MOVIES MONTH | SEPTEMBER | I usually watch stupid movies and shows, just to have some sound in the background, so I would like to start watching something good.

#8 INKTOBER | OCTOBER | I am not very good at illustrations but I love having sketches as memories from my travels, so I’ll try to make some of my everyday life.

#9 NO SPEND MONTH | NOVEMBER | This, of course, excludes groceries. Hopefully, I’ll save some money to spend on great Christmas presents.

#10 DECLUTTERING MONTH | DECEMBER | Ending the year with a 30 day declutter seems like a good way to enter the new year, don’t you think?

Each month I’ll publish a blog post about the challenge, with more details, and a quick recap of the past month’s challenge, so keep an eye on the blog, if you’d like.



Rewards are the key to finishing challenges, at least for me. I must point out how difficult it was to come up with 10 rewards! Not because I had so many to choose from, but because there’s nothing I really want. This might sound weird, I know, but I prefer to look at it in terms of being satisfied with what I have, enjoying simple treats such as watching movies and shows while eating something junky, etc. When it comes to shopping, I have been trying to buy fewer clothes and accessories for quite some time now, so there’s nothing special I want (other than what I wrote down for April). So, my rewards are maybe something other people get regularly (like hair treatments, manicures…), but I am content with the choices I made and hopefully they will keep me motivated. Some I still have to decide upon, and will add them later. Here’s a recap, by month:

  • MARCH | WordPress blog + domain
  • APRIL | Power suit
  • MAY | Fresh flowers
  • JUNE | Weekend away
  • JULY | Gel-lack set
  • AUGUST | Balayage
  • SEPTEMBER | Dinner & movie date night
  • OCTOBER | Original artwork
  • NOVEMBER | More money for Christmas presents
  • DECEMBER | tba

UPDATED | Check out the challenges I already finished: MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER. I am currently planning my next challenges, for 2021, and am missing three ideas, help me out! Write your ideas down in the comments!

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