I decided to finish ten 30 days challenges this year, to help me develop some good habits, change some bad ones, get more creative and so on. You can see the list of all 10 challenges in my original post, and in this one, I write more about the one I am doing this May.


30 days challenge for May 2020

If there’s one thing about me you should know (especially if we’re traveling together), is that I am not a morning person. Nope. Njet. Never. I try waking up earlier, I set up my alarm, I prepare everything the day before, everything is clean, inviting, there’s a breakfast plan, there’s sun, and still – nothing makes it easier to wake up early and get out of bed. I mostly work from home and my time is flexible which is not helpful when it comes to this problem. If I had a place where I had to be each morning, I would probably get used to waking up earlier, but since I don’t, it gets really hard.

Coffee + oatmeal + sun through the window = reason enough to wake up earlier!

I want to wake up early for couple of reasons:

  1. everyone else starts working at 8 AM, and my mail is full by the time I am ready to answer emails, which only makes it harder for me to focus on work and all I have to do before the end of the regular working day
  2. I feel guilty. Even though I get through my regular 8 hours of work a day (and its almost always more than that, unfortunately), I still feel guilty when my colleagues which do work from our office, get there at 8 AM and here I am, starting to work around 10 AM.
  3. I end up working/loosing all day. I loose morning, I don’t eat breakfast because I jump on my email instantly after waking up and then work well into the evening. I usually skip lunch, or just eat something quick and nutritionally poor. I don’t have enough time for me and when I do, I have no energy or will to do anything other than turn on Netflix.

These are just some of the main reasons I would like to wake up earlier – to have a regular working time, to finish in the early mid afternoon instead of in the evening; to not skip on breakfast and lunch, and to just have some down time before I open my email. At the moment, I wake up around 8 AM, and would love to make it 6 AM. I know there’s a big deal of books, vlogs, blogs etc, about the 5 AM club, but that simply won’t work for me. It would be too much of a shock for me, and I certainly wouldn’t make it 30 days in total. Waking up at 6 AM gives me enough time to make some breakfast, to have a stretch (continuing on my April habits of working out every day), drink coffee, scroll social media and read something, all before 8 AM. And who knows, maybe next month (or year) I’ll be able to try joining the 5 AM club.

So, for each of the challenges, I set up a rewards system to keep me motivated, and here is what will motivate me this May!

Fresh flowers each Saturday in June


I am trying to save up as much money possible, for my future apartment, and I am being really frugal this year. So, buying fresh flowers each week is something I would never allow myself otherwise. But, If I manage to wake up every morning at 6 AM (excluding weekends, of course), I think I deserve to have fresh flowers for the entire month! Saturdays are small sanctuaries I like to spend waking up late, having breakfast and coffee with my boyfriend on the balcony then going to town to buy some books, magazines, food and whatnot. Sunny June Saturdays just got a bit better!

Last batch of fresh flowers I bought, in March 2020.

Have you ever tried waking up way earlier than your normal/usual waking up time? What helped you? Write down your tips, I’d love to hear it!

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