JULY CHALLENGE | 10 000 steps a day

This is a pretty simple one. I spend most of my day sitting down, typing, and whatnot. This challenge is here to make me walk more. To not take a bus to the ferry port, but to walk those 3 kilometers. To not take an elevator to my (4th) floor but to walk up. Since the coronavirus isolation started, I have been walking up to my parents’ apartment which is in the same building as mine, but on the 15th floor. That’s 11 flights of double stairs! It takes me 3.5 minutes to walk it up and it’s a habit I’m hoping will stick as well. If not, 10 000 steps are good enough.

Walking 10 000 steps a day

30 days challenge for july 2020

I have a FitBit bracelet, which is synced with an app on my phone, counting my steps, duration of sleep and some other things I set up, so I know each moment how many steps I took and how much more there is to take in a day. I already see that I’ll be spending some of my nights running in place, in front of the TV, to make up for not walking enough that day 😀 But, hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this challenge because I really want my reward. 🙂

Gel nail starter kit


So girlish, don’t care. I’d like this one by Juliana Nails. I did my nails professionally maybe three times altogether (twice for some wedding), cause I find it expensive for something so short lasting. I’ve read great reviews about this set, so I’d like to try it out and see if it works for me.

Wanna join me in this challenge? Let’s share daily counts of steps!

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