AUGUST CHALLENGE | No screens in bed

I spend way too much time on my phone or idle watching Netflix (usually while scrolling my phone). Once I checked how much time I spend on Instagram (there’s an option for that on your phone) and it turns out – 2,5 hours of my day is spent scrolling IG! It’s 2,5 hours I could have spent so much better. I must say – not all scrolling is for nothing – sometimes I look for ideas for meals, sometimes for home DIYs, patterns, read articles and such. However, mostly it’s just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling… Since I am trying to improve some habits this year, remove some bad ones, I figured this month’s challenge should tackle the “too much screen time” habit.

No phone or laptop in bed

30 days challenge for august 2020

I always think about how I would love to read more, workout more, but I don’t have time for it. Well, I do, I just spend it lousy. So, during August, a sunny and long month, I want to spend my evenings without any screen in bed. Instead, I’ll finally get down to that TBR list, go out, and so on.



As usual, my reward might sound silly to most, but here it is. I only go to the hairdresser to cut my hair when it’s really necessary. I never spend a lot of money there for coloring my hair or anything similar. But, I was gifted with a balayage coloring for my 30th birthday and I really loved it, so this will be my reward for a month of screen-free bedtime!

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