SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE | Foreign movies month

Continuing on my idea of improving the experiences in my life, and becoming a bit more conscious about the things I do, eat, read, watch, etc., I decided to dedicate one whole month to really good movies (and strike them off as I do).


30-days challenge for September 2020

My significant other is a film director, film analyst, and visual artist (theFILMitself). He always frowns upon my choice of movies and series we watch together and always tries to educate me about film art by making us watch foreign movies. He feels very strongly about the injustice being done to so many amazing non-English speaking movies that he prepared a list of 30 films I must see during this month (and he did it in April!). There are movies from Poland, Germany, South Korea, Estonia, Iran, Japan, Thailand… My oh my. Here’s what’s on my to-watch list for September 2020 (based on the country of origin, which is not how I’m going to watch them and that is in no special order):

FRANCE | 1. Une femme est la femme | 2. 400 blows | 3. Double life of Veronique | 4. Blue is the warmest color | 5. Alphaville | 6. Four nights of a dreamer | 7. Certified copy | 8. Last year at Marienbad | SPAIN | 9. Santa Sangre | SWEDEN | 10. Persona | 11. A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence | HUNGARY | 12. Anema e corpo | GERMANY | 13. Fitzgerlado | 14. The woman in the moon | IRAN | 15. Girl walks home alone at night | 16. Taste of cherry | CHINA | 17. In the mood for love | 18. Chungking express | ESTONIA | 19. November | JAPAN | 20. Suicide club | DENMARK | 21. Ordet | NETHERLANDS| 22. The Noorderungen | POLAND | 23. Knife in the water | RUSSIA | 24. Stalker | GREECE | 25. Dogtooth | SOUTH KOREA | 26. Oldboy | 27. Memories of murder | ITALY | 28. The conformist | THAILAND | 29. Suzhou river | CZECH REPUBLIC | 30. The cremator

Doing this challenge might seem to many as to easy – I am supposed to watch movies all month, what’s so challenging about that?! Well, my everyday life is summed up in working all day, being stressed out most of the time, and having no motivation for consciously watching a foreign movie. I usually just scroll Netflix and click the first show which seems silly and easy enough to follow, so I can scroll my Instagram simultaneously. In the end, I don’t even know what I saw, either on Netflix or Instagram. I don’t want that to be my life. I want to learn to enjoy art and to recognize it, too! I just want more quality in every aspect of my life and entertainment is no different.

Dinner & a movie (of my choosing!) date night


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