OCTOBER CHALLENGE | Inktober illustrations

I love painting, drawing, making small art works. I am not good at it, but still love to try. While I was in Cuba, I made a drawing, an illustration of each of my days spent in this heaven, and it is still one of my favorite souvenirs from any of my travels. I would like to improve on my drawing/illustrating skills by making a visual diary of October 2020.

Our gallery wall is full of our illustrations, my sisters’s, from workshops I attended, comic books festivals and so on.

This is the month we usually spend in Berlin, on vacation, so it is a great month to draw, and it is also a month known in art circles as Inctober. So, the decision was easy. This year, however, due to this sh*t called corona, we won’t be going to Berlin, but we’ve managed to sneak in 10 days in Zagreb, which will also be inspiring for this challenge.

Make a drawing a day.

30 days challenge for october 2020
My attempt at making a one-line T-shirt print. The final result is not safe for viewing.

Again, I am blessed to be dating an amazing artist, filmmaker, film analyst and illustrator, hiding behind the name theFILMitself. One of the favorite things he ever illustrated for me was my bucket list – a visual list of all the things I’d like to do before I go, aka die. You can see it here. (This just reminded me – there is one thing off of my list that I did in the meantime, so I must paint over it!)

Buy an original work of art


One of the items on my before mentioned bucket list is to own an original art work. This would be a perfect way to justify spending a lot of money on something that’s not, well, useful. I follow couple of artists on Instagram, so I have something already in mind. I’d prefer a painting by Klimt, of course, but I think I’ll settle for something less expensive 😀

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